Marketing and Social Media Services

Branding and Identity

Having easily recognizable and memorable brand elements is crucial for any business. Your corporate identity is a visual representation of your company that enables you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

StoneRidge's branding and identity services include logo design, business cards, letterhead, collateral print materials, brochures, flyers, billboards, signage, trade show design, and other identity pieces. Our marketing pros will develop innovative ideas and impressive designs to create a corporate identity that accurately reflects your company's objectives and delivers the right message to your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Your prospects and customers are already talking about your business (or your competitors). Do you know what they're saying? Even if you are already using social media tools, setting objectives for audience engagement and methods for measuring effectiveness can be challenging. Gaining real-time insight through social media is a critical step in optimizing ongoing marketing campaigns and maximize the impact of SEO programs and other online tactics.

From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest (just to name a few), our team of experienced marketing professionals know the ins and outs of social media. With a focus on increasing brand awareness and website traffic, we will help you identity the right social media platforms for your business, set up your business profiles and pages, and create a preliminary strategy and plan for active participation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The whole point of your website is to build your brand and communicate with your prospects and customers. Recent studies show that more than 80% of web traffic comes from Google or Google-powered search engines. Hello, SEO!

Our web marketing experts don't focus their efforts just on search engine ranking tactics. Instead, we focus on inbound links and making the content on your website as relevant as possible and improving your site's usability and visibility so it rises to the top of the search engine results naturally, over time. While we cannot guarantee that your site will receive top placement on all search engines at all times, we will use every ethical tactic to attract visitors to your site. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, measuring and adjusting.

Content Development

The biggest challenge when it comes to content marketing is producing content that engages your prospects and customers. As content experts, StoneRidge's marketing professionals can help you establish a voice of authority within your industry by creating original content that provides valuable guidance and resources for your customers.

Our team will produce content that generates leads and builds awareness for your brand, products and services. Content types that we can help you create include web copy, eNewsletters, online seminars or courses, white papers, case studies, video, research and surveys, webcasts, podcasts, press releases, sales promotions, phone scripts, custom print and digital materials, and much more.

Email Campaigns

Successful marketing is proactive and helps your prospects and customers notice (and recognize) you, visit your website, subscribe to your eNewsletters, and to eventually buy your products and services. Too often, marketers blast out email messages that never really connect with their customers and subscribers.

Our team will help you establish email goals and objectives; evaluate your existing email list (or help you start building one); set up your third-party email services account; add a newsletter signup form to your website; develop a custom-designed email template; create marketing-focused email content; and manage your email list and distribution. By working with StoneRidge's email marketing team, you will create a dialogue between you and your email recipients so that you are building trust and relationships - ultimately leading to more sales.


In today's economy, leaving outcomes to chance or making decisions based on intuition is simply not acceptable. Your business decisions must be based on real numbers - data that shows what's working and what's not working. StoneRidge provides the marketing analytics tools, services and solutions that spotlight real results so you can focus on what to adjust.

The analytics services we provide include ad tracking and measurement, Google Analytics consulting and monitoring, website analytics and tracking, and conversion rate optimization. The key to successful marketing is knowing what to measure so you can decide what to improve. StoneRidge can show you how to maximize the marketing resources you already have in place and make recommendations on how to leverage the data and insights to increase your return on investment.